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Save Money, Do It Right

Using recent grads or off-shore devs for your development needs may seem cost-effective but almost invariably leads to poor quality, brittle code, and missed deadlines.  And that means having to pay a professional to clean up the mess, often in a rush, because you have to present to your investors or stay in sync with your marketing.

Do it right the first time and get to market faster (and cheaper).

I've been architecting and building systems for over thirty years, for startups all the way to the Fortune 50.

When you work with me you'll get a professional in your corner who:

  • Will ask the important questions you haven't thought of yet.  
  • Will shoot straight and tell you which features are risky to your budget or timeline.  
  • Understands business, stands by their work, and will be there when you need a critical update.

"Guy’s combination of product knowledge and tech know-how helped me bring my vision for a new kind of Agile tool to life. He brings great ideas to the table and is refreshingly straight-forward and honest. I can’t recommend him enough for your project."

Jochen Krebs
Founder + CEO, Incrementor

MVP Review

A 1-2 hours session where we'll review your concept and I'll identify areas of risk as well as give you development estimate

MVP Development

I'll write your iOS or MacOS app, either solo or leading your in-house team.


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