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Software is the gasoline of the 21st century.

Learn to code

Learn to code faster than you ever thought possible.

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Build your MVP

Get your Apple-based prototype or MVP built by experienced, NYC-local experts.

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Get the edge

Training and coaching to support your unique needs as a Founder, by a Founder.

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Technology with a Human Touch

Do you want to learn to code?

Do you need help building your prototype of MVP?

Could you use mentorship to grow from hustler to entrepreneur?

You've come to the right place.


Software is to the 21st century as gasoline was to the 20th century, maybe even more-so.

The overwhelming pace of change can make it seem impossible to learn, keep up or make the right choices.

I offer training in software development, entrepreneurial coaching to help you navigate the chaos and push through the challenges, and out-sourcing services to develop your MVP or prototype.

When you choose me you get a professional who's been developing software for over thirty years while also working as an instructor and coach for entrepreneurs.

You'll get someone who understands the founder's journey, needs, fears and challenges.

That's software with a human touch.


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